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About Burglar Busters

Burglar Busters was founded on the idea that you shouldn't have to pay enormous fees for little service. We pride ourselves on being the best value in the industry that provides the highest level of service at an extremely low price: $12.99 per month.

Our monitoring service is provided through our local central station, located in Burnaby, BC. We offer superior monitoring services because our central station is a part of a Nation-Wide Network connecting it to 4 other central stations across Canada. Should any one station experience a crisis resulting in an inability to handle the calls, the other stations can automatically take over. In the event of an emergency, our trained dispatchers will avoid false alarms by contacting the location for verification before dispatching emergency services. Our central station is Insurance Approved, so you will receive a discount on your home or business insurance.

Our monitoring services are the same or better than companies who charge upwards of $40 dollars per month, however our discounted cost does not mean lowered service. Most companies combine the cost of a 'free' alarm into the monthly fee, but once the equipment is paid for, they don't reduce the monthly charge. At that rate, you are paying for a new alarm system every three years. This is why we are different. With Burgalr Busters, you pay for your alarm system once, and enjoy a low monthly rate without a long-term contract. Our customers stay with us not because they have to, but because they realize the unmatched value Burglar Busters offers. Thousands of people have already switched, are you paying too much?

Our Monitoring is offered on a month to month basis with No Long-Term Contract. Customers receive free setup and activation to our service with no hidden fees. Because our services are offered on a month to month basis, we automatic payment plans through a void check or credit card. You can cancel your service any time with only 30 days notice, so we are forced to work hard to keep you happy.

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